coach tab

Your ordinary, food-loving, mom of 3 -- an interior designer by trade.  Wife to a small business owner.  Just a girl with big dreams of making a big impact in the community around her.

Her story with health and wellness began in 2015, after being diagnosed with a Postpartum Anxiety disorder -- shortly after giving birth to her 3rd child.  She later says that it's a disorder she is sure she had prior to children, but did not recognize nor learned how to manage in a healthy way.

Determined to make health changes so she could learn how to release the BEST version of herself, Tabitha researched how to eat clean and exercise -- something she had not done with dedication before.

She was stubborn about her goals and often had to make moment to moment DECISIONS to take action -- everyday making the choice to heal her body and mind through food and regular FUN exercise.

Tabitha proceeded to lose 41 pounds within 9 months.  Simply by committing to the process and determined to grow her INNER AND OUTTER strength. One of her most vivid memories (in the early months of her health journey) was holding a "plank" and speaking out loud to herself that if she could hold it... only 1 second longer than the day before... it was evidence that she was getting stronger everyday.  She KNEW that those small decisions would compound into BIG RESULTS and her body and mental state could not HELP but change -- it would have NO CHOICE.


She pushed through each workout feeling every jiggly-bit slapping and clapping.  Some days she struggled to breathe.  More often than not, her workouts were interrupted by a fussing infant or an active preschooler.  But she FELL IN LOVE with HOW she felt when she was able to FINISH the workout.  No matter if it was 10 minutes, or 40 minutes.  She lived for the HIGH she would feel when she was done.


If you know Tabitha, you know she gets excited.  Some would call her "enthusiastic" about life.  Well, it's true.  When she believes in something -- NOTHING will stop her.  She BELIEVED other mamas could feel the same freedom she had experience through this journey.  If she could do it, she KNEW other mamas -- like herself -- could do it too.  IT's HER BELIEF --- first in herself -- and THEN in THESE WOMEN that propelled Tabitha into whirlwind of "dreams come true" she didn't even know she had...


In 2016 Tabitha took a trip to Nashville, TN to become professionally certified to teach the program that had changed her life: TURBO KICK LIVE®.  Not only did she learn how to TEACH the program, Tabitha was trained under the format creator herself: Chalene Johnson.

Tabitha began teaching Turbo Kick LIVE® Classes from her DIY fitness studio in her basement.  4 classes per week, 4-6 ladies per class, for 10 weeks.  All proceeds went to Tabitha's favourite non-profit organization: Dinadi (crafting beautiful hand knit and crocheted products while changing lives through dignified jobs in Nepal).  The classes became very popular and Tabitha soon discovered a real passion for uniting women together through fitness.  And a THRILL of TEACHING.  Her dreams and vision began to expand.  So she DID NOT STOP...

At the end of 2016, Tabitha took leap into very unfamiliar territory by becoming "OFFICIAL" and furthering her athletic studies at Mount Royal University to become a certified group exercise instructor and personal trainer with the Province of Alberta (AFLCA). 


Since her certification as a trainer, she has  completed ADDITIONAL specialized teaching certifications in:



(high intensity interval training focusing on coordination, stability, plyo and speed)


(mma-style non-contact, no-equipment kickboxing)


(dynamic pilates/yoga)


(training with world-renown Dr. Stacy Sims - understanding  a woman's physiology in regards to fitness + nutrition)


(whole body, deep health coaching)


As her clientele grew, she began to see need for strength building and children's classes.  So she customized her own unique formats to suit her participants.  These classes include (and not limited to):

Strength + Core (portable equipment strength training)

Flex + Flow (portable equipment strength training fused with yoga/pilates)

Flex + Flow 55Y+ (same as above with focus on stability and balance for seniors)

Fight Like a Girl 9Y+ (cardio kickboxing dance with personal development/coaching for girls 9 years and older)

Strong with Mom Series (partnered workouts for mom and child - offered exclusively at The Nest Studio)

PiYO Pups (pilates/yoga for children ages 2-5 years)

Ninja Turbos (non-contact cardio kickboxing for children ages 2-5 years)

For a couple of years (2016-2018), class locations had expanded beyond her home studio to include teaching at local school gymnasiums, The Nest Studio in Okotoks, Focus FITness in Black Diamond, Simply Yoga in Okotoks, Natural High in Okotoks, Studio Me in Okotoks, and Balance Everywear in Okotoks. 

In 2018, Coach Tab furthered her hands-on experience by accepting a coaching position with the new OrangeTheory Fitness® Studio that opened in her home town of Okotoks.  She learned much about operating  in the 5 heart rate zones and instructing at an ELITE level of coaching/training standard.

Coach Tab's dreams became reality when the FFF app was launched in January 2020; allowing her assist private clients by giving them a tool to track and log their movement and nutrition.  This data has allowed Coach Tab to analyze, assess and offer support to ladies with their health goals on a daily basis.  Coach Tab won't lie: the launch of the app was rough (as is new territory until understood), but after a few months ironing out the kinks with her 40 (gracious + kind + patient) Beta-Testers, the app is the beautiful functioning tool as was intended.


Class options, schedules and demand have evolved and changed over the past few years.  In Spring 2020 Coach Tab made a challenging decision to focus her fitness/nutrition practice and attention soley on her private home studio clients.   This would allow Tabitha to offer more time and support - not only to her private business - but also to her most important relationship: her young family.


Tabitha's mission is to keep the her home studio class sizes between 4-10 participants.  Tabitha is very hands on and personable in her classes.   Classes and trainings are light-hearted and full of conversation, humour and hugs.  She takes care to make sure that all of the participants are working at their OWN best level -- teaching modifications or intensifications to each individual's level.  She operates with the theory that the workout is more effective if done with proper form + control vs. speed. 

Come to a class!  Arrive weary, leave a warrior!

xoxo - FFF TEAM