A wagon with no wheels?  Let's look for those wheels, put them back on the wagon, and get you going in the right direction.  


The first of 4 transformation phases, this 12 Week "HEALTHY HABIT TRANSFORMATION GROUP Program" has a focus of  "creating habits for a healthy transformation".  


THIS ONLINE PROGRAM IS RECOMMENDED FOR: those who are new to fitness and nutrition, or those easing back into a healthy routine after time away.  


All group programs are 12 weeks in length and are facilitated by Coach Tab ONLINE through a private facebook group with optional nutrition tracking through the MyFitnessPal app.




Once registered for the challenge, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions to get set up in the private Facebook Group and access the workouts and recipe packs. 


Upon entry in the group, you will have access to the following:

- optional monthly meal plan (with recipe and weekly grocery lists)(alternative or additional meal plans available for add-on purchase)

- workout calendar with optional scheduled workout for the day (20-30 minute video with Coach Tab)(workouts are designed for BEGINNER LEVEL)

- daily group motivation and education from Coach Tab

- group sharing, accountability, encouragement, and support from others in the same phase of their journey as you


Although optional, you are encouraged to use FitBit or Apple Watch to track workouts, and set up the FREE MyFitnessPal app to log stats (optional weigh-in, measurements, and specific goal setting, ie. 8 hours of sleep per night).


PLEASE NOTE: this is a PRIVATE ACCOUNTABILITY + SUPPORT GROUP for healthy weight loss.  If you would like to receive private fitness training or nutrition coaching sessions, please contact Coach Tab.  Private sessions are available at additional cost and by appointment only.


PHASE 1: HABIT TRANSFORMATION Program dates: ONGOING - join any time!


COST: $98 for 12 weeks


NOTE: this online challenge is a pre-requisite for the "PHASE 2: LEAN OUT - 12 Week Program".

Lets's get you registered!   I look forward to smashing some goals with you! 


- xoxo Coach Tab



    12 WEEKS OF:

    clean eating + online fitness

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